A Note from Beth Loughner, Chairwoman of the BFLCO Board

God has blessed us with 30 years of ministry. During this time, He has given  growth in the Maternity Resource Center (MRC), Teen Lock-In, Genuine Enrichment in Ministry and Service (GEMS), Billboard Ministry and several other adventures. Many women in the MRC have given their lives to Christ.

Now, we are planning for the next years to follow. Several new and exciting changes have and will be taking place. The newsletter will become more reader-friendly and include the stories you want to see about the local ministry. It will enter the cyber age by becoming electronic. But don’t worry, for those without Internet access, a “real” newsletter can be mailed to you.

Next, the webpage will receive a much needed facelift. The site is now much easier to navigate and will give you up-to-date information on what is happening in the ministry. There is now a Maternity Resource Center Facebook Link.

We plan to be more visible to our churches, giving them opportunity to participate in our various ministries, including the Prayer Partners program. God will give the increase, but we must devote ourselves to asking God for what is needed.

We are excited about the next few years and where God will lead us. Thank you for your prayer and support during our first twenty-nine years.