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What is Baby Bottle Blessings?

  • It’s a four to five week campaign in which a church distributes baby bottles to those who elect to participate.
  • Participants are then encouraged to fill their bottles with coins, currency, and/or checks.
  • Bottles are returned on a designated Sunday, with all the proceeds going to support the Maternity Resource Center (MRC).


  • It’s one way to inform a congregation about the sanctity of human life.
  • It gives others opportunities to help the MRC.


  • Select start and end dates, typically a three to four week span. Excellent times to launch a campaign are Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.
  • Publicize the event enthusiastically before and during the campaign.
  • Distribute bottles (provided by your organization or contact BFLCO for bottles if available) to church families on the Kick-Off date.
  • Gather bottles on Celebration Sunday (end of campaign).
  • Send checks received to BFLCO for receipting, along with converting currency and coin received into a check payable to BFLCO. (Many banks are willing to count large quantities of coin at no cost.)